Coach Houses

I am VERY sorry to say that I owned a condominium in Coach Houses at Leesburg Condominiums in Leesburg, Florida.

I have been battling since December 2018 to get the Coach Houses at Leesburg Condominium Association, Inc. (“ASSOCIATION”) to abide by Florida Laws and the corporate governing documents that the ASSOCIATION and all owners are obligated to comply with.

Why would some condo owners spend as much as $200,000 fighting my efforts to get the ASSOCIATION to operate legally?  The 32 condos have sold for about $60,000, so what in the world are people hiding?  It’s absolutely crazy.

William M. WindsorI believe Sentry Management, Inc., the former condo association management company, and Clayton & McCulloh, the law firm “representing” the ASSOCIATION are primarily at fault. They are largely responsible for literally hundreds of violations. I believe this is the largest case of malpractice in the condo business in history.

I have sued a group I call “the evildoers.” I’m going to tell the whole story right here.

Read all about the BIG Lawsuit, the wrongdoing of Sentry Management, and what I believe is massive malpractice by the law firm of Clayton & McCulloh of Maitland, Florida.  Read the Florida Bar Complaint against Russell E. Klemm.

William M. Windsor

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Bill Windsor

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