Judge Dan R Mosley accused of Corruption in Coach Houses at Leesburg Scandal

Judge Dan R. MosleyJudge Dan R Mosley (aka Danny Ray) has been accused of corruption in the Coach Houses at Leesburg Condominium Scandal as has the law firm of Clayton & McCulloh.

In May 2019, Governor Ron DeSantis appointed Judge Dan R. Mosley.  It took Judge Dan just a year to start inflicting his bias and prejudice.  He established early on that he is a heartless judge who would probably pull someone out of the hospital with COVID-19 because he wanted them to appear in a Zoom Hearing.

William M. Windsor asks anyone who has been abused by corrupt Judge Dan R. Mosley to contact him.  William M. Windsor is filing an Open Records request as he seeks to determine if Judge Dan has ever ruled in favor of a pro se party and whether his rulings show bias for big law firms with lots of money.

In a recent court hearing, Judge Dan R Mosley indicated he had not even read the Complaint in Case No. 2020-CA-001438 in Lake County Circuit Court before he ruled against the pro se Plaintiff and in favor of attorneys with huge law firms.

Complaints against Judge Danny Ray Mosley have been filed with the Fifth District Court of Appeals and will be filed with the State Attorney, the U.S. Department of Justice, the Chief Judge of the Lake County Circuit Court,  the Judicial Disqualification Board, the Florida State Bar Association, the Lake County Sheriff’s Department, and Governor Ron DeSantis.

En Banc Complaint

Complaint for Writ of Prohibition

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